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How It Began...

Dietmar Urrutia, Owner

Dietmar began his aquatic career at the age of thirteen as a junior lifeguard and swim instructor at creditable facilities in the La Canada and Pasadena area. After teaching and lifeguarding for six years, he became a vendor for a swimwear retailer where he traveled to different team locations and studied various coaching styles.  Dietmar then spent 2 years as a teacher assistant while working towards his teaching credentials.


When budget cuts struck the school district in which he was employed, Dietmar returned to teach private swimming lessons for an additional 5 years. Dietmar quickly realized there was a high demand for swim instructors who would teach private lessons at the client's home. One recommendation led to another, and soon became a full schedule that required a need for more instructors.  Along with the need for more instructors came requests for more lifeguard recommendations for events. It was quickly evident that there was a need in the community for a team of well experienced aquatic safety individuals that could meet the swim safety needs in the comfort of individual homes. 


After banding together a handful of elite fellow instructors Dietmar has lead the AquaDocs team for the last 10 years as they storm La Crescenta, La Canada and Glendale areas every summer in order to promote swimming safety, athleticism, and aquatic enjoyment all in the comfort of your own home. Dietmar has over 25 years teaching and lifeguarding experience, 4 years working as certified EMT for an ambulance company, is fluent in Spanish. While Dietmar mostly focuses on management now days he is still known to pick up clients from time to time. He has experience teaching all types of skills levels  including pre-competitive swimming, beginners with water phobia, water aerobics, and is well experienced in teaching children and adults of all ages ranging from 6 months of age to the elderly.

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